Wishes Do Come True!


Speedy Furniture’s wish from day one has been to save customers money! And it goes without saying that every furniture shopper’s wish is to save money on their purchase! Speedy Furniture’s modern approach to the retail furniture business makes both wishes come true!

It starts by making another common wish a reality! All online shoppers at one time or another have thought to themselves, “I wish I could see a sample or bigger picture!” Developing a business model to make that wish a reality is the secret behind Speedy Furniture’s success in delivering sale-beating prices on every item every day!

By showcasing samples, accompanied by large full-color picture boards showing the entire group in a room setting, Speedy Furniture stores can deliver a big-box store type selection in a showroom a fraction of the size of a big-box store! That enables customers to see a sample of what they’re buying, and it generates huge overhead savings for each Speedy store that enables them to pass on real sale-beating prices! 

In addition to showcasing a huge selection of product samples, all Speedy stores also feature Speedy’s Signature Virtual Display that enables them to showcase products on a large 60” HD screen and zoom right in on any detail you wish to see! This was a cutting-edge sales tool when Speedy founders developed it over ten years ago! And, the Jonny-come-lately large screen kiosks of today still don’t match the product size or detail you can see on a Speedy Virtual Display!

Speedy Furniture’s modern approach and the type of selection and savings it delivers has won high praise from top furniture industry executives. Their early confidence in Speedy’s creative approach has been validated by the test of time! For over ten years, Speedy Furniture customers have loved the selection and enjoyed the savings it delivers!

Speedy Furniture’s innovative modern approach was created with one wish in mind—to save customers money! Wishes do come true!

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