The Tags Tell The Tale

The furniture business today is known for an endless parade of sales, and that means an endless array of sale tags! However, Speedy Furniture takes a different approach all together, and the tags (theirs and ours) tell the tale!

EVERY Speedy Furniture product tag has Speedy’s iron-clad sale-beating price guarantee shown prominently on the top half of the tag! The bottom half of the tag has Speedy’s everyday sale-beating price for that item. Then we do something to our tags no other competitor does—we laminate our price tags!

We laminate our tags for numerous reasons. The main reason is that we’re so confident in our low sale-beating price on every item we know the price won’t be changed. So laminating our tags keeps them clean and crisp for the long haul saving time replacing worn, torn, and crumpled tags numerous times. It also shows more observant shoppers that there are no games being played here!

Our competitors take another approach, one that has been a tradition in the retail furniture industry for decades—having an endless parade of sales that leads to an endless array of sale tags but not necessarily sale prices! It’s a common practice for generic sale tags to remain on products through sale after sale, or to change the sale tags to reflect the sale name, but not change the prices! So the question becomes, “Are the prices sale prices or regular prices on sale tags?” The answer seems to be obvious!

That leads to the next question, “Are the savings shown on sale tags real?” Traditional furniture stores are famous for using MSRP (Manufactures Suggested Retail Price) or List Price to validate their sale prices on their sale tags and in their sale ads. The problem with that is those are prices nobody ever pays, and everyone in the furniture industry knows it! So, if the comparisons are bogus, the sale prices are, too!

Speedy Furniture tags tell a totally different tale! Speedy Furniture tags show just one price—Speedy’s everyday sale-beating price! And we don’t show a fictitious “compare at” price on our tags. Instead, we show a picture of a competitor’s sale price for the identical item on a separate laminated sheet! We have found a picture is indeed worth a thousand words because it shows irrefutable proof “We beat sale prices!” Plus, it also shows that the difference between the sale price competitors’ customers paid and what Speedy customers pay for the identical item is striking!

It’s one thing to shout about savings. It’s another thing to prove it and boldly guarantee it on every tag! Our tags set Speedy Furniture apart from the competition. The tags tell the tale!

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