Doorbuster or Budget Buster?

Like bait in a trap, doorbusters are designed to get you to bite (buy)—and the retailer knows that it likely won’t be the doorbuster you buy!

There is no arguing that doorbusters are extraordinary deals! describes “extraordinary” as something that is beyond regular, normal, or ordinary. That definitely describes doorbuster products because their prices are far, far beyond what is normal!

Doorbusters are sacrifice items, always in very limited quantities, used to get customers in the store. Retailers are willing to sacrifice doorbusters because they know that a few doorbusters will attract a lot of customers. They also know that the doorbusters will be gone in a flash, leaving the remaining customers to fall prey to the illusion of store-wide savings the doorbusters are designed to create.

It comes down to this: doorbusters are loss-leaders (products sold at a loss to attract customers) in order to present the perception of store-wide savings where little, if any, savings exist beyond the doorbusters themselves!

If you succumb to a carefully crafted illusion of store-wide savings the use of doorbusters helps portray, and pay too much for another item you thought was also on sale, a “Doorbuster” can indeed become your “Budget Buster”!

There is no need for Speedy Furniture to create an illusion of savings because the savings are real! Speedy Furniture offers sale-beating prices on every item, every day—GUARANTEED! We will even beat a local competitor’s doorbuster price on an identical item!

You never have to worry about paying too much at a Speedy Furniture store! We’re not “Budget Busters”, we’re “Budget Boosters!”

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