Every Item! Every Day!

Speedy Furniture can make a commitment to you that not one of our local competitors can equal!

The Speedy Furniture motto, “We Beat Sale Prices!” is a statement of fact and a commitment as well! Speedy Furniture is committed to beating our competitors’ sale prices on EVERY ITEM, EVERY DAY! No gimmicks. No small print. No bull!

We take that commitment so seriously that we not only guarantee it, we also go to great pains to be able to price every item at prices so low only a competitor’s sale ad loss-leaders might beat it—and if that happens, we’ll beat those prices, too!

Then, since there are so many false savings claims coming from the retail furniture business, we make it a priority to prove that we beat sale prices by showing competitor comparisons (their sale price vs. Speedy’s everyday sale-beating price) on identical items throughout our stores’ showrooms! It’s worth the effort just to see how amazed customers get over how much lower Speedy’s prices are compared to our competitors’ sale prices!

Speedy Furniture’s overhead reducing modern approach to big-box store selection puts Speedy Furniture in a category of its own in our marketplace! Our traditional furniture retailer counterparts are saddled with overhead that is much higher than Speedy’s, so their prices have to be much higher as well. So even if they do legitimately put some items on sale occasionally, their sale price is still higher than Speedy’s everyday price!

Speedy Furniture’s modern approach to the retail furniture business was designed from day one to save customers money without sacrificing large selection and rapid delivery of customer orders. Speedy Furniture was designed from day one to be an EDLP (Every Day Low Price) furniture retailer, offering sale-beating prices on EVERY ITEM, EVERY DAY–GUARANTEED! No gimmicks. No small print. No bull!

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