It’s A Hostage Situation

Traditional furniture stores have to work hard to sell you on the perception of savings because their high prices are held hostage to big overhead costs preventing them from offering real storewide savings.

They’re forced to create the illusion of big storewide savings by using deeply discounted, limited quantity, doorbusters—usually slow sellers they’re glad to get rid of—and/or touting big discounts off List Price or MSRP (Manufactures Suggested Retail Price). These are prices nobody ever pays, and the entire furniture industry knows it! Basically, they’re dressing up regular prices to look like sale prices when they’re not!

People don’t usually think about the overhead costs associated with a furniture store. Think about the last time you visited a furniture store. The showroom is big, so that means big mortgage or big rent. It also means big utility bills and big insurance costs. Then there are the employees–sales personnel, managers, office personnel, warehouse personnel, and delivery personnel. That equates to a big payroll, big payroll taxes, and big workers compensation costs. Then there are things you may not see during your visit but are there nonetheless–backup stock, a big warehouse to store it in, warehouse utilities and insurance, and costly big delivery trucks—more huge overhead costs!

It’s no wonder they can’t offer you real savings! They can barely make a profit at their high prices!

Lack of savings available at traditional furniture stores helps fuel the billions purchased online for the savings. Online retailers don’t have to deal with all that overhead, so they can sell for less. But there’s a BIG PROBLEM with that, too! Good luck if it arrives damaged or you need service in the future! Plus, you’re buying a big ticket item from a small picture on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. Are you feeling lucky?

Speedy Furniture solves both problems! Speedy’s modern approach to big-box store selection controls, reduces, or eliminates price-raising overhead without sacrificing large selection and rapid delivery of customer orders. Speedy’s modern approach delivers online type savings AND lets you see samples of what you’re buying so you can make an informed buying decision! And, last, but certainly not least, if your purchase arrives damaged, we deal with it so you don’t have too! And, if you need service in the future, we’re here for you!

There’s no hostage situation at Speedy Furniture stores, just sale-beating prices on every item every day! It’s no illusion!

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