Have you ever felt like chum?

For those of you that aren’t fishermen–chum is bait!

When deep sea fishing, chum thrown into the water quickly draws fish eager to feed–especially predators like sharks! Throw it in the water–even with no fish in sight–and, literally within seconds, it’s being swarmed upon. Why so fast? Because it’s their nature–it’s about survival.

So why would I ask you if you’ve ever felt like chum?

Well, let me put my question another way: Have you ever walked into a furniture store and almost immediately felt like chum? Almost out of nowhere a salesperson appears and starts “picking away” at you, their new-found “bait”!

Shopping most furniture stores is different from shopping other types of retail stores. Unlike most retail stores where you walk in and just start shopping, seeking help only when you need it or are asked occasionally by a passing employee if you need help, walking into most furniture stores draws a salesperson directly to you almost instantly!

Why so fast? Because it is about survival! You’d think it would be about you–helping you find what you want–but it’s not. It’s about the survival of the store and the sales associate waiting on you! It’s sad to say but the vast majority of the time your needs are a distant third. Let me explain…

First, it’s about the store’s survival. Everything in the furniture business eventually gets back to overhead! Fixed overhead in any traditional type furniture store is high so there’s constant pressure to make every sale possible to cover the high overhead expenses before any profit can be realized. And more than likely the store has spent a lot on ads to get you into the store; so upon your entrance, the pressure is passed onto the sales associates to sell you something.

When you examine this scenario, the sales associates themselves are under double pressure to make sales–for the store’s survival and theirs! And the system they work within adds yet another layer of pressure!

Because of the round-robin “up” system most furniture sales people work within, the sales person that waits on you is not determined by chance but by assignment. It’s their turn “up”, and you’re it!
The “up” system adds yet a third level of pressure by limiting their access to customers.

The ‘up” system may be a fair way to control equal access to customers so no one sales person “hogs” all the customers, but it inadvertently puts pressure on the sales associates it governs to put pressure on you because the number of customers they get to wait on is controlled. If they can’t get you to buy, it could be a while before they get another customer.

And if they get two, three, or more customers in a row that don’t buy or don’t buy much, the pressure increases! So if they want to cover their own overhead and make a profit themselves, they must make every customer encounter count–they must do everything they can to sell you! The pressure this system puts on sales associates and the controlled access to customers it creates can turn even the most timid sales person into a “shark”!

It’s important to note here that the sales people are not at fault. It’s the system they’re part of, and it’s the system they must rely on to make their living. That aside, there is a better way; and Speedy Furniture has found it!

When you shop a Speedy Furniture store, you’re approached by a sales person more akin to Nemo than a shark. Sure they would like you to buy; but because the “system” they work within is different, the pressure is off them so therefore it’s off you!

Why the difference? Because: 1) The overhead pressure has all but been removed and replaced with genuinely low prices that have proven to move people to buy on their own without pressure put on them by the salesperson; and 2) It is about you! By design, the sales associate’s survival is not directly dependent on you buying; therefore, the pressure is off them so they can concentrate on truly helping you find the home furnishings you seek at low prices you’ll appreciate.

There’s also another added pressure reliever. Speedy Furniture’s history has shown that people who don’t buy on their first visit will most likely be back. Why? Low prices and no pressure!

Speedy Furniture is indeed different than other furniture stores! We’re designed to save you money–and save you from shopping stress! Stop in and see for yourself!

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