Apples to Apples

When it comes to savings claims, Speedy Furniture compares “Apples to Apples” while the competition compares “Apples to Oranges”!

“Apples to Apples” is a well-known expression for comparing things that can reasonably be compared, and the expression “Apples to Oranges” is used when a comparison is unreasonable.

There is an unreasonable “Apples to Oranges” practice common within the retail furniture industry that enables retailers to project savings to consumers where little savings, if any, exist!
The “Apples to Oranges” practice is the unreasonable comparison retailers make between their current or “sale” price on an item to the MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) or List Price for that item. It’s an “Apples to Oranges” comparison because it is comparing a price people pay expecting savings base on a comparison to an artificially high price nobody ever pays!

Is it right? No! But it’s done nonetheless! It’s an unreasonable comparison done for one purpose–to project big savings. At best, this practice dramatically inflates any savings that may exist; and, at worst, it projects savings where none exist!

What are the tell-tale signs that an “Apples to Oranges” comparison exists? Watch for prices in ads or on product tags with prefixes like “Compare at”, “Was”, “Ticketed”, or “Regular”. Those prices are likely the “Oranges” the store’s “Apple” prices are being compared to!

Any customer of Speedy Furniture knows there are no gimmicks (“Apples to Oranges” comparisons) needed to project the savings Speedy delivers because the savings are real and easily documented with “Apples to Apples” comparisons!

Today, nearly every furniture retailer shows their sale prices online. That makes it simple for shoppers to compare a Speedy Furniture competitor’s sale price with Speedy Furniture’s everyday sale-beating price on the identical item!

It also makes it simple for Speedy Furniture to do the same! You’ll never see a comparison to MSRP or List Price in any Speedy Furniture ad or on any Speedy tag! What you will see throughout our showrooms, because “a picture is worth a thousand words”, are a competitors’ sale price shown alongside Speedy’s sale-beating price for the identical item!

It’s simple! We beat sale prices, and we prove it with “Apples to Apples” comparisons!

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