Franchise Opportunity

In 2008, our world changed… decades of carefree spending came to a screeching halt! It was that sudden change and the opportunity it presented that brought the Erdos Brothers–and their 30 years of retail furniture experience and decade plus of innovative IT development and marketing–back into the furniture business after almost a decade of retirement from the furniture industry.

The opportunity: create a new kind of furniture store designed to not only survive but thrive in today’s economic climate; and to create a store that can offer genuinely low prices–no gimmicks, just the lowest prices possible everyday–and Speedy Furniture was born!

Why are our prices so much lower and our profits so much higher?

Overhead is the culprit that drives up prices. Creatively control, reduce, and eliminate operating expenses wherever possible and prices can come down–way down–even while profits go up–way up! Speedy Furniture has been designed to do just that without sacrificing large selection and rapid delivery of customer purchases!

We’re different than “the competition”, and the difference shows in our low prices and industry high profit potential!

This is a rare opportunity for entrepreneurs because an exciting aspect of this opportunity is that–for a limited time only–if you have the equity to invest in a residential rental property you’ll have the equity necessary to invest in your own Speedy Furniture franchise with vastly greater profit potential!

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